Working with People

This is what i like most, working with people, interacting with them

American Social Worker in London

There are several case management principles which I feel are crucial and have been crucial to my practice. They help ensure that I am doing the best for both my clients and the organization for which I work.
a. Transparency: I make sure that clients are aware of what I am doing for them and with them as well as the information I have to share with others
b. Self- determination: I respect all of my clients’ right to make decisions for themselves
c. Empowerment: I provide my clients with the information and resources they need in order to address presenting problems and any other needs
d. Responsibility: This principle is 2 fold. I take full responsibility for the work I do with and on behalf of my clients. I make sure I do what I say I will do or inform those involved if I cannot. I also…

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Why Cultural Competency is a Skill for Everyone


Radical Social Work

Matthew Herrmann is a senior at UCF who is studying Industrial Engineering. He is interested in social justice and cultural competency. In his spare time, he likes to listen to audio books, play board games, and spend time with his demon dog, Lola.

Being the full time roommate of one of the passionate (and awesome) authors of this blog I often hear about this “thing” she calls social work. From my own personal observation, I have noticed this “thing” appears to have two major components. My observations lead me to believe that the first component has a lot to do with what social workers set out to do. This includes advocating for their clients, bringing light to social injustices and working to adjust or create new policies and practices. The second component appears to be more of a collection of personal practices and ideas. These things include using one’s “I”…

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